New Software Settings & Customizations

We just released a brand new Settings area for all SalesBinder accounts and we’re excited to share all the new improvements included in this update:


Search for a Specific Setting

We’ve improved the overall navigation throughout the Settings area but to make things even easier, you’re now able to search for specific options – such as “taxes”, “currency”, “invoices”, “units”, etc. 


Customizable Email Templates for Each Type of Document

SalesBinder has always offered a customizable dynamic email template which is used when you send your customers/suppliers/prospects documents from the system via email. It’s also offered options for dynamic placeholders (account name, document name, document number, and public URL for viewing the PDF online).

We’re pleased to share that this has been expanded so you can now have completely separate templates for each type of document (sales order, invoices, estimates, purchase orders, packing lists). You can also customize the subject line for each type of document being sent, and even use the dynamic placeholders there. As always, you get to review the dynamically generated email before it’s sent out and modify anything you’d like to change for that specific message.


Supplier or Vendor? Your Choice

Depending on which industry you’re in, it can be common that the terminology for “supplier” or “vendor” is interchangeable. You’re now able to set which term to use throughout the system (similar to how you can already rename “estimates” and “invoices” to something else). The choice is yours.


Improved Integrations Log

The integrations log has a new design which updates in real-time to show you the live progress of any pending integration actions. The new design also displays any warnings/errors that might get returned from your active integration partner more clearly.


Higher Resolution Logos in SalesBinder and in PDF Documents

The logo uploader has been completely redone and now provides a preview of how your header will appear on your documents. In addition to that, we’ve doubled the available resolution for your logos to display throughout SalesBinder. If you have a HiDPI (retina) screen, your logo will appear much more crisp and clear. If you save or print your PDF files, the logo in your header will also be in a higher resolution.


UI (Design) Improvements and Refinements

The entire Settings area now adapts and adjusts to smaller screens a lot better. Everything will load much faster, appear cleaner, and navigation throughout should be a lot easier.

We’ve got a lot more exciting new features to announce soon so definitely check back in soon to hear all about it!


– The SalesBinder Team –

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