Multiple Inventory Photos

We’re pleased to announce a great new feature that we’ve been working on for quite some time, the ability to easily upload multiple photos for each inventory item. What’s unique about this feature is how we set it up and what you can do with it.

This new feature was developed using some great new cloud computing technologies which makes uploading/downloading your photos extremely fast and reliable.

Here’s how it all works:

When adding/editing an Inventory Item:

  • select up to 5 photos, up to 5MB each and automatically upload them with 1 click
  • choose a “Primary Photo” as the main image (also displayed in your estimates)
  • custom sort your photos however you like

Viewing Inventory Items:

  • “primary photos” are displayed in a nicer, bigger format
  • click thumbnails to view photos in their original file size (up to 5MB)

API Integration:

  • include your inventory photos in your website and/or apps
  • choose pre-optimized photos (small, medium or original size)
  • photos stored on Content Distribution Network (CDN) for extremely fast loading

Now that you’re able to upload multiple photos and access all your inventory data using our API, you can seamlessly integrate your entire inventory into your website (or app) and never worry about updating your website again since it will always display your latest pricing, photos, descriptions, quantities and so on.

We decided to allow a generous 5MB upload limit (per file) which is much higher than the industry average. We did this because it should allow you to upload all of your photos without having to worry about scaling them down to a lower resolution first. We’ve estimated that most photos taken with an 8MP or lower resolution should work great.

We’re really excited about all the creative possibilities this opens up. If you’re interested in integrating your business’s inventory into your website and don’t have the IT resources to do it, get in touch with us and our team would be glad to provide you with a small estimate to do it for you.

– The SalesBinder Team –


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