Customized Account Labels

We’re pleased to introduce our latest new feature, Account Labels. You’re now able to create customized color labels and apply them to all your customers and prospects. It’s a great new way to keep your growing customer and prospect lists organized!

Once you’ve applied labels to some of your accounts, you can filter your lists to only show you accounts with a specific label attached to it. There’s a lot of creative ways you can apply this to your business, for example, you can create labels for “Distributers”, or “Partners”, or “Follow-Up”, or even labels for different brands your business has.

Our goal was to design something really quick and easy to use so we came up with a new interface for applying labels to each of your accounts. After you’ve created at least one label, mouse-over any of your customers or prospects and you’ll see a new button appear that says “Apply Label”. If you click that button you can quickly choose which label you want to apply to that specific account and you’re done.

We’ve also included 12 pre-selected colors to choose from and also allow you to create your own colors by entering hex color codes.


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