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Update Item Price

Method: /pricing_tiers/updateItemPrice/[item_id]/[pricing_tier_id].[format]


Name Data Type Description
value decimal Item price for this pricing tier



HTTP Request Type: PUT

Example JSON Data to Submit

            "value": 19.99


If you have been successful in updating an item’s price for the specific pricing tier, the response will return the updated data object along with a “message” value of “Saved” as seen below.

Example JSON Returned Response

    "message": "Saved",
    "pricing_detail": {
        "id": "d58b3347-0b43-42c0-8f56-7cb4e8d2ddd8",
        "value": 19.99

Example XML Data to Submit

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
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