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Add Inventory Item

Method: /items.[format]

Document Fields:

Name Data Type Description
name String Item Name
description String Optional description of item
serial_number String Item Serial Number (for unique items)
SKU String Stock Keeping Unit
multiple Integer 0 = Unique Item, 1 = Quantity Item
threshold Integer Low Quantity Threshold
cost Decimal Item/Unit Cost
price Decimal Selling price of item/unit
quantity Integer Items in stock (unique items should have 1)
location_id String Location ID
category_id String Category ID
unit_of_measure_id String Unit of Measure ID

Permissions Required:

  • Modify Inventory



HTTP Request Type: POST

Example JSON Data to Submit

   "item": {
      "name":"My First API Added Item",
      "description":"Hello world.",


If you have been successful in saving a new item, the response will return the newly created data object along with a “message” value of “Saved” as seen below.

Example JSON Returned Response

    "message": "Saved",
    "item": {
        "name": "My First API Added Item",
        "description": "Hello world.",
        "serial_number": "123456",
        "sku": "ABC123",
        "multiple": true,
        "quantity": 14,
        "threshold": 2,
        "cost": 1200,
        "price": 1500,
        "category_id": "54f53d13-aa14-48e2-974f-29436882ca98",
        "account_id": "4d76bc2e-b198-4bd6-95f5-7439b86a92d9",
        "item_number": 5285,
        "created": "2016-11-11T00:50:35+00:00",
        "modified": "2016-11-11T00:50:35+00:00",
        "id": "8eb67f97-8ec1-4ec5-ae49-87be9dec43b0"

Example XML Data to Submit

  <name>My Second API Added Item</name>
  <description>Hello world.</description>
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