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List Deleted Records

Method: /deleted_log.[format]

This endpoint is particularly useful when syncing data into another system. This allows you to directly sync deleted record_id’s more efficiently by saving the 3rd party system from having to iterate through both inventory lists while comparing the data to see if anything is missing.

Parameters: (optional)

Param Name: Description:
page Which page to retrieve from paginated results (numeric)
pageLimit How many records per result set (numeric between 1 – 200)
contextId Defines what type of document you’re retrieving
deletedSince Return anything deleted since timestamp (epoch timestamp)


SalesBinder records have context_id’s which define what type of record they are. You can pass the following values in the contextId parameter to only get deleted records of that context type:

  • Customer: 2
  • Prospect: 8
  • Supplier: 10
  • Item: 6
  • Invoice: 4
  • Estimate: 5
  • Purchase Order: 11



HTTP Request Type: GET

Sample Returned JSON Data

    "count": "2",
    "page": "1",
    "pages": "1",
    "deletedlog": [
                "id": 2855,
                "context_id": 6,
                "record_id": "56da277f-afac-4e44-a6bd-6c8e3f71d8bf",
                "created": "2017-03-08T00:34:24+00:00"
                "id": 2756,
                "context_id": 4,
                "record_id": "58bf505f-7eec-4399-8e23-05796882ca98",
                "created": "2017-03-08T00:30:02+00:00"

Sample Returned XML Data

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
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