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Edit Account

Method: /customers/[id].[format]


Name Data Type Description
name String Business Name
office_email String Office Email Address
office_number String Office Phone Number
office_fax String Office Fax
url String Company Website Address
billing_address_1 String Billing Address Line 1
billing_address_2 String Billing Address Line 2
billing_city String Billing City
billing_region String Billing Region (Province or State)
billing_country String Billing Country
billing_postal_code String Billing Postal Code or Zip Code
shipping_address_1 String Shipping Address Line 1
shipping_address_2 String Shipping Address Line 2
shipping_city String Shipping City
shipping_region String Shipping Region (Province or State)
shipping_country String Shipping Country
shipping_postal_code String Shipping Postal Code or Zip Code

Permissions Required:

  • View Customers and/or Prospects and/or Suppliers
  • Modify Customers and/or Prospects and/or Suppliers



HTTP Request Type: PUT

Example JSON Data to Submit

    "name":"API Renamed Customer"


If you have been successful in updating an account, the response will return the updated data object along with a “message” value of “Saved” as seen below.

Example JSON Returned Response

    "message": "Saved",
    "customer": {
        "id": "19d367c8-97c7-409f-bf67-2ad543493648",
        "name": "API Renamed Customer",
        "customer_number": 641,
        "office_email": "sales@acme-company.com",
        "office_phone": "(604) 555-5555",
        "office_fax": "",
        "url": "acme-company.com",
        "billing_address_1": "Suite 100 - 1234 West 4th Avenue",
        "billing_address_2": "",
        "billing_city": "Vancouver",
        "billing_region_id": null,
        "billing_region": "BC",
        "billing_postal_code": "V6P 6W5",
        "billing_country_id": null,
        "billing_country": "Canada",
        "shipping_address_1": "Suite 100 - 1234 West 4th Avenue",
        "shipping_address_2": "",
        "shipping_city": "Vancouver",
        "shipping_region_id": null,
        "shipping_region": "BC",
        "shipping_postal_code": "V6P 6W5",
        "shipping_country_id": null,
        "shipping_country": "Canada",
        "vat_number": "",
        "context_id": 2,
        "document_count": null,
        "tax_rate1": null,
        "tax_rate2": null,
        "customer_date": null,
        "archived": false,
        "customer_label_id": null,
        "pricing_tier_id": "",
        "user_id": "",
        "modified": "2016-11-11T01:16:55+00:00",
        "created": "2016-11-11T01:13:09+00:00"

Example XML Data to Submit

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  <name>API Renamed Customer</name>
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