More Features Released, We’re on a Roll!

Continuing with our rapid development cycle, we’ve released a number of new features and improvements that we think a lot of you might find useful. Here’s what’s new:

Summarized Estimates and Invoices:

You can now save your estimates and invoices in two formats, a standard Itemized view and a Summarized view.

  • Itemized View – Your estimate/invoice would outline every single line-item as you would normally expect.
  • Summarized View – You can enter a single line-item and summarize what’s included in that order. An itemized list is still there for you to see, but your customers would only see the summary and pricing totals below. This is useful for packaged deals or when you don’t need to display every single small inventory item in your order.

You can easily switch back and forth between views so you can even save your estimates/invoices in both formats. Packing Lists will always outline your itemized lists.

More Flexible Purchase Ordering:

Previously when you wanted to create a purchase order, you had to have already assigned suppliers to all of your items. This is important because it prevents you from ordering more inventory items from suppliers that don’t actually offer those items.

Based on feedback from our awesome customers, we realized that some businesses have multiple suppliers that supply all the same inventory items, or there may only be one supplier. In either case, it’s not necessary to setup those supplier associations. There’s now a new option to disable the “restrictive purchase orders” feature which allows you to order any item using any supplier.

To use this new feature (you have to be the account administrator), go to “Settings” and then “Inventory Settings”.

Miscellaneous Improvements:

  • performance improvements for extremely large inventory lists
  • new “quantity” column on inventory list (which is sortable)
  • inventory items below their low quantity threshold now display in a yellow color and a reminder to order more stock is presented when viewing that item

We’re already planning on releasing more new features later this week so be sure to check back with us.

– The SalesBinder Team –

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