Announcing: Inventory Item Variations

Big news! We’ve just released our largest SalesBinder update yet. It’s all about providing tools to better manage items with different varying attributes (such as size & color). We call this feature “Item Variations“, and it’s the final piece for managing all your different types of inventory.

What can I do with Item Variations?

  • Keep track of quantities for items which vary by size, color, style, etc.
  • Track quantities in every location for each specific item variation
  • Set custom pricing for each of your item variations

How does it work?

  • First you create your reusable attributes (size, color, style, etc)
  • Attributes can be set as: plain text, unique text, or even preset options in a select menu for things such as “S, M, L, XL, XXL”
  • Add variations to any Quantity Item by viewing the item and clicking on the new “Item Variations” button in the toolbar
  • Select zero or more attributes that are applicable to your item (selling price and unit cost are also attributes so certain variations can be more/less expensive)
  • Everything else works exactly as you’d expect, and if you don’t need item variations it’s completely transparent so you won’t see it

We’re really excited about these new features and would love to hear what you think – so let us know how we’re doing. We have a lot more new features on the way as well and we’ll be making more announcements on those soon.

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