What’s New? A Lot of Improvements

SalesBinder has had an amazing start to the year so far! We’ve continued to see an accelerated growth in our user base, we’ve made a ton of improvements throughout the system, and we’re really excited to show you some amazing new features almost ready to see the light of day.

As SalesBinder has continued it’s amazing growth trajectory we’ve had to keep up and proactively optimize everything to ensure everyone gets to continue to enjoy a fast and reliable experience.

Over the past month we’ve beefed up and replaced our entire pool of application and database servers, as well as updated much […]

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SalesBinder Integrations & Updates

Today we’re pleased to announce some new improvements we’ve made to SalesBinder along with the launch of our new Integrations & Add-ons portal.

Integrations & Add-ons:

We’ve been working hard towards expanding SalesBinder’s reach into other 3rd party systems using our awesome API. These technical tools expand what SalesBinder can do and how you use your data. Upon our initial launch we’ve included 3 official tools for integrating your inventory data directly in your website.

  • Shopp: This is a full-featured e-commerce shopping cart system that plugs directly into WordPress websites. Using our custom made plugin for Shopp, you can have all your […]

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    New Reporting Features & Enhancements

    Our team has been busy working on a lot of exciting new features and improvements for SalesBinder and we’d like to outline some of our latest and greatest changes:

    Sold Inventory Items Report:

    We completely redesigned the sold items report to be more powerful. It now tallies the total quantities and net revenue for each item in your inventory and sorts it by most sold to least sold. We’ve also included a beautiful pie chart for visually seeing which categories of inventory are generating the most revenue.

    You can filter these reports by a specific date range, by a specific customer account, as well as […]

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    New Updates and Improvements

    SalesBinder is continuing to grow at an ever increasing pace and we couldn’t be happier! We’ve been receiving some incredibly thoughtful feedback from our users all around the globe and we wanted to take a moment to thank every one of you for all your support.

    This past month our team has been busy working on some really exciting features (which a lot of you have been requesting) and we can’t wait to get them in your hands. In the meantime we’ve also been releasing many small updates to improve upon our existing features and enhance the overall performance of SalesBinder.

    Here’s a few […]

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    New: Customer Billing Statements

    Today we’re announcing a new feature in SalesBinder, Customer Billing Statements. We’ve had a lot of requests for this functionality and we heard you loud and clear!

    You can now generate billing statements for each of your customers, filter them based on a date-range, and save them as PDF files for printing or sharing with your customer. We’ve also included an Aged Balances feature to breakdown balances due 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days, and 91+ days.

    Here’s an example of the beautiful design:

    To start generating Billing Statements all you need to do is view one of your Customer accounts, click on “Orders […]

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    iPhone App Updates

    We’re proud to have released a couple big updates to our iOS App recently and think these new changes will be extremely useful for our users!

    Here’s What’s New (v.1.2.1):

  • Faster initial data download of your SalesBinder data
  • Faster “Pull-To-Refresh” data (it’s now instantaneous)
  • View your Inventory Items by Category or All Items
  • Touch phone numbers to make calls (iPhone only)
  • Touch email addresses to compose emails in Mail App
  • Touch mailing/shipping addresses to load directions in Apple Maps
  • Touch URL’s to launch Safari
  • Support for “Partially Received Purchase Orders”
  • Many bug fixes and UI (design) improvements
  • Upcoming Features:

  • Adding/Editing/Deleting Contacts
  • Adding/Editing/Deleting Customers
  • Adding/Editing/Deleting Inventory Items
  • Adding/Deleting Notes to all sections
  • Viewing Activity Feeds
  • We’re making some great progress with […]

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    New: Custom Pricing Tiers & Tax Rates

    We’re at it again!  Another big feature has just been released to all our SalesBinder users around the globe. You can now setup custom pricing tiers as well as custom tax rates for your customers and prospects. This can be extremely useful for businesses that sell products with different pricing (ie. wholesale, retail, etc).

    Using Custom Pricing Tiers in 3 Steps:
    Step 1: Create your pricing tiers under Settings -> Billing Settings.

    Step 2: Assign your pricing tiers and custom tax rates to any of your customers and prospects.

    Step 3: Update the pricing of your inventory items.

    That’s it!

    Now that everything is setup in this example, anytime […]

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    New: Partial Purchase Order Fulfillment

    We’re pleased to announce the release of a highly requested feature, partial purchase order fulfillment. We’ve created a really nice way to partially receive items in your purchase orders for when your suppliers send you inventory in multiple shipments.

    Here’s how it works:

  • Simply view the P.O. you received partial items for.
  • Click on “Enter Partially Received Items”.
  • Enter the amount of stock received for each line item
  • That’s it. You’re done!
  • After you’ve entered some items that you’ve partially received, you’ll notice the P.O. now gets marked as a new “Partially Received” status […]

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    New: Full Drop Shipping Support

    Today we’re pleased to announce an update to SalesBinder which includes some really great features for supporting drop shipping. First and foremost, what is drop shipping? When you want to order goods from your supplier and have them directly send the items to your customer (bypassing your inventory altogether). That’s drop shipping.

    How does it work?

    It’s actually quite simple. When you create a new purchase order for your supplier, you now have the option to select drop shipping. When you create a drop shipped P.O. it requires two things, the customer who you’d like the goods delivered to, and the supplier […]

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    Announcing our SalesBinder iPhone App

    We’re officially announcing the release of our free SalesBinder iOS App.

    Our team has been working on this for a very long time and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s all come together! It’s extremely fast, easy-to-use, and easy on the eyes.

    Although our iOS App will be a constant work-in-progress with new features continuously being added (just like our web-app), we wanted to get this released and in your hands as soon as possible. Having said that, we’re definitely aware of some missing features you’d come to expect and we’re already working on them.

    Here’s what […]

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